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Even if you are not physically smoking, anyone around you that is [Secondhand Smoke], is putting you in danger as well. Secondhand smoking is filled with about 4,000 poisonoous substances that enter into our body. Between 40-60 of these substances can be carcinogens, and about 200 of these are known to be poisonous. Carcinogens are cancer-causing substances.
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As the secondhand smoke is unfiltered, it contains high amount of carinogen; so the person actually smoking is inhailing lower quanity of carcinogen than the person just passing by. Secondhand smoke is unflitered, which means it contains high amount of carcinogen. So the actual person smoking is inhailing a lower quanitity of carcinogen than the person not smoking that is just passing by. Secondhand smoke can have many harmful affects on your body, the short-term affects such as:
-Nausea - Headache - Eye Irritation - Cough
-Sore Throat - Dizziness

These are short-term effects, but these can lead to long-term disorders such as lung cancer. If a non-smoker suffers from a deadly disease like lung cancer, then the only cause for the disease would be from Secondhand smoke.
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When a cigarette is smoked, half of the smoke is inhaled and then exhaled by the smoker, then the other half of that smoke floats around in the air [sidestream smoke].
Secondhand smoke is the 3rd leading preventable cause of disavility and early death in the United States. For every 8 smokers who die from smoking, one innocent bystander dies from secondhand smoke.
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Secondhand smoke also affects Children harshly. Children who are exposed to Secondhand smoke are more prone to puenomonia, bronchitis, ear infections, and lung diseases in the first year of their lives.

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The lungs on the left, are a healthy pair of lungs. The lungs on the right are a pair of lungs after only a couple of years of smoking.

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On Janurary 1st, 2008 a smoke free law went into effect in Illinois. This means that if you are smoking you cannot be in or around a public place. You must be at least 15 feet away from a public place including schools to smoking.

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By: Katie, Paris, Mackenzie, Jacqueline, & Maggie