Short and Long Term Effects of Smoking

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Short Term Effects of Smoking:
Immediately you start smoking cigarettes, the changes in your body can be monitored and some smokers may wonder what are the short term or immediate effects of smoking. Well for a start, a person's blood pressure and heart rate are increased, which means the heart is working harder than it should. At the same time the blood flow to the body's extremities, such as hands and feet is reduced, also there is short-term stimulation to the brain and nervous system. Reduced appetite is seen in some people, but smoking is a poor way to try to control weight. When people claim they put on weight after quitting, it's because their appetite improves and returns to normal. Weight should be controlled by a healthy diet not smoking. There is a long list of other short term effects that although may not be considered serious are nonetheless rather nasty. They include, foul breath, stained teeth and fingers, annoying coughing, reduced or loss of taste and smell, a reduced immune system often sees smokers getting more colds and flu, with longer recovery times, reduced potency in men and fertility in women, bad effects on pregnant women and their baby, and some studies have shown that it even effects the largest organ in our body, the skin, making smokers look older, earlier. Simply put, there are no positive effects of smoking cigarettes.

You wouldnt buy this magazine.... would you? just like the magazine makers wouldn't make this magazine, but this is a fact for many americans. Because a lot of americans smoke so if we dont want to end up a nation with these magazines then you shouldn't smoke. Want to be a magazine model? Well you wont end up one if you smoke because your magazines will look like this.
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Long Term Effects of Smoking:
If the above short term effects of cigarette smoking is not enough to make you want to quit, then you may be interested in what are the long term effects of smoking. The truth is the long term effects of smoking are down right scary and you have to wonder why anyone would take up smoking in the first place. It's usually the body's respiratory system that suffers the most damage, the chemical filled smoke entering the lungs is a recipe for disaster. Pneumonia and chronic bronchitis are just two of the respiratory infections that result from long term use. Emphysema a debilitating lung disease that is irreversible, incurable and in some cases fatal. Due to the heart overworking and vascular decease, coronary disease is common, which leads to heart attacks.
All kinds of cancers are related to smoking, lung, mouth, throat, stomach, bladder, cervix and more.
Due to the reduced blood flow to the body's extremities like the legs and feet, vascular disease in these areas can cause painful ulcers that are often impossible to cure

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Individual Effects:
How a particular individual is effected is determined by many factors. These are factors like...
The physical and emotional effects of smoking will differ from person to person.
The number of years that a person has smoked.
The quantity smoked daily.
A smokers age and also the effect of smoking among teenagers, the immediate health effects of smoking on teenagers may not be clearly visilble but be assured the deadly effects are there. This may make some wonder, do young people understand the effects of smoking
The long term effects in males can ofter be different in females, not to mention the effect of smoking while you are pregnant
The individual person's susceptibility to the toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke. These effects may vary, but the one thing that they all have in common is, without any doubt, their health will suffer.

‚Äč Effects of Smoking on the Nonsmoker
1. Passive smoke which is smoke inhaled by nonsmokers when a smoker is smoking and the smoke that stays in the area the smoker was smoking and can be inhaled later on by a nonsmoker.
passive smoke can cause.....

  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Coughing
  • Ear Infections
  • Asthma Attacks
  • Lung Cancer
  • Heart and Lung Disease
  • Kills 3,000 people anually
  • causes you to inhale carbon monoxide

2. Mainstream Smoke which is smoke that a smoker blows out when smoking.
3. Sidestream Smoke is smoke that comes from a smoker smoking tobacco.

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